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NOW I’ll buy a PS3.

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26 Feb 2008

Hi folks, Cooper Hawkes here.

One of my biggest complaints about the PS3 is that it always seemed like a work in progress.  Close, but no cigar, and a bunch of other euphamisms that I won’t drain your brain with.

But now, it is a system worth owning.

On June 12th that is.

Here’s the article courtesy of Kotaku.

Not ONLY is it the 80GB model with (Limited but..) PS2 backwards compatibility.  Not ONLY does it come with Metal Gear Solid 4 included in the bundle.  It ALSO comes with one Dual Shock 3 controller.

That’s rumble to those out of the loop.

All for $499.99. 

Microsoft? You can’t top that right now.  This is the bundle that beats you from a hardcore gaming perspective.

Game on guys and girls, this is shaping up to be the PS3 year indeed.


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It’s the Saturday after GDC and there’s so much to discuss, we couldn’t fit it all in one podcast.

It doesn’t help that we go way off topic catching up with the GameHounds gang and making things up as we go along.

Off topic, we dish on what Edie saw at some of the GDC after-parties, what game Peter Molyneaux’s 5-year-old plays, and we settle the age-old question: Does it matter of she swallows?

Let’s just say, this is the most unsafe-sex episode we’ve ever done. We get the most out of our explicit tag this time.

More on topic, we discuss:

And too much more to list in one place. You’ll just have to listen.

In addition, another opportunity to enjoy some GameHounds swag. We open entries to win a copy of Lego Star Wars for the Wii. How, you ask? We’ll you’ll just have to listen and find out.

Enjoy. We did.

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GameHounds Episode 4: Pink Harvest

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21 Feb 2008

This special impromtu episode of GameHounds features Edie and Joe Chagan of SPOnG just mere hours after Microsoft’s keynote address at the Game Developers’ Conference on Wednesday. We discuss the impact of the keynote over a tasty lunch of spring rolls and quesadillas at Tilt Arcade at the Sony Metreon in San Francisco.

We’d like to thank the folks at Ultizen, the ultimate game lab, for providing us the space at their press luncheon so that we could record these immediate thoughts on Microsoft’s announcements and the food and alcohol that fueled it.

Discussed are:

  • The extremely liberal expansion of XNA so that just about anyone with a good idea and the drive can make a game available on the XBox Live Marketplace for download. How will this affect the independent game developers? Will this mean that the Independent Game Developers Association will now include more console options? What wasn’t said? Can Microsoft really let the reigns go and set developers free?
  • Ninja Gaiden II: How did we like the look and feel of the gameplay demo? What do we think about the “save points” that allow players to save videos of their play and then allow the top players to have them available for others? What questions are we left with?
  • Fable 2: Beyond being a Peter Molyneaux experience, which is all kinds of crazyfun, was the gameplay demo enough for us, considering we’re supposed to see it this year? Do we think we actually will see it this year? What do we think of the Pub Games being available on XBox Live weeks before the game’s release? What exactly does “multiplayer” mean? Were more questions raised than answered?
  • Gears of War 2: Was the announcement of a November 2008 release date enough to merit the super treatment it received during the keynote?
  • Unreal Engine improvements: How will this relate to complaints of poor support by other developers? Is it really what we wanted to see? How could this affect future games beyond GoW?
  • CliffyB’s grooming secrets.
  • How many beers does it take to get a GameHound drunk by noon?

All this and more is contained within. Stay tuned for more off-the-cuff episodes from GDC.

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MS Keynote at GDC: Lots of Stuff

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20 Feb 2008

Right now, I’m sitting in the press room of GDC.

Let me give you a mental image of what it was like leaving this morning’s Microsoft keynote presentation.

Remember in the movie "Airplane!" when all the reporters run into the bank of payphones?

Yeah. Like that.

Bottom line: It’s a very good time to be a 360 owner right now.

If you haven’t already heard, MS has some big news for the next year. First and foremost, XNA is going to finally completely open up to the little people. Games will soon be easily accessible to homebrew developers like you and me, and they will be downloadable to not only the XBox, but also the Zune. All you will need is a peer-review process to give it a thumbs-up and it goes on Live to download it. Theoretically, there are four games up right now for you to download.

And no, Hawkes, there was no mention of how developers will get paid, how much MS will keep or any monitization info. That will apparently be filled in later.

Second, yes…. Ninja Gaiden II looks freaking amazing. Although I see a potential problem with it. And I will go into that in detail on my special GameHounds episode tonight. Yes. Tonight.

Third, the interwebs sometimes do not lie. Gears of War 2 coming November 2008 as an XBox exclusive. Cliffy B. said nothing else, and although there was a trailer, I really don’t put much credence behind trailers. I can make a trailer of my mom’s cellulite thighs and make it look good. Doesn’t mean I want to play with them.

Fourth, looks like you’ll be playing Fable2 a couple of weeks before the game comes out. The gambling mini-game, which allows you to increase your wealth in-game, is actually a separate XBox Live game and your coin is migrated into your Fable2 world. Peter "I Love You, You Crazy Bastard" Molyneux announced that the mini-game will be released to the XBox Live Marketplace a few weeks before Fable2 comes out, so be ready to start the game day one and find everyone is richer than you and completely tricked out in super-leet gear. Groan.

Keep yourself tuned today to GH, as I will be uploading a discussion between me and Joe Chagan of SPOnG talking about what happened this morning with Microsoft.

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GameHounds may not cause cancer, but it doesn’t do much for your immune system.

This week Hawkes defies all odds and drags his feverish ass to the mic for installment 3 of GameHounds Podcast.

Listen as he hucks up a New Jersey-sized loogie. Rattle with him as he coughs, gasps and gags his way through the top stories of last week, while Edie speaks on at length about Canadian national food looking like puke in a basket.

In addition to catching up with the gang, we delve into news and listener questions.

  • HD-DVD officially loses the format war after WalMart pulls the plug and Toshiba gives up. The PS3 doesn’t look too bad now, does it?
  • Sony Magazine says PSP could come as early as February. Is that a GDC announcement, or is Sony Mag smoking crack again?
  • Microsoft doesn’t know who SquareTrade is. Hint: They issue your XBox 360 warranties, jackasses.
  • Listener Questions: Sea Puma asks about how we deal with XBox Live harassment. Major Malfunction wonders what’s the best way to deal with networks fanning the flames of video-game controversy with erroneous information.
  • Shoutouts to our listeners who’ve been inspired by us to start their own gaming podcasts! You go!
  • And… last but not least (and not last in the podcast, by the way, win yourself a Canadian Games T-Shirt with the most creative answer to Edie’s question. What question? Well, you’ll just have to listen to find out.

As always, you can submit your questions, your thoughts, your dreams and your bile-infused hate male to GameHounds AT And don’t forget to check out the the GameHounds website to find out about the latest dirt Edie’s dug up at GDC.

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GameHounds on iTunes

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19 Feb 2008

Good news, hound dogs!


GameHounds is officially up and running on iTunes. You can find our podcast at by clicking here.


If you haven’t subscribed, you can easily do so now, as well as write stellar, awesome, fawning reviews of our great podcast.


Please, don’t hold back your adulation and unyielding love for the Edie and the Hawkes. Don’t be shy. Love us!

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GDC 08: Day One

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19 Feb 2008

I wanted to drop you all a quick bit about GDC day one.

The first day at GDC is pretty much like the first day of Burning Man. Most of the cool stuff is half built (the booths aren’t even up and equipment to show demos aren’t even plugged in yet), everyone’s not quite in the swing of things. There’s a few events going on, but the major stuff is due later in the week.

And, most importantly, nobody really gets in the mood until the first night of heavy-duty partying.

Yesterday, until about 4 p.m., things were pretty useless. Then the first official GDC free-booze-and-food-a-thon began, courtesy of Zeemote.

Now I make it sound like all we did (and by “we” I mean me and my trusty sidekick, Joe from SPOnG) was get hammered, puke in someone’s lap and wander off.

In truth, we were some of the few journos who actually hunted down the Zeemote girl to ask her about the product.

While you’d think Zeemote would make sure the actual star of the Zeemote party would be, well… the Zeemote. But, in true GDC fashion, in fact the party’s grande dame was a 3-foot-tall ice sculpture with the word “Zeemote” frozen inside and a tube down the center through which one could pour drinks. The drink of the night was Zeemotinis — a wicked concoction of rum, cranberry juice and fairy dust.

Or so I was told.

Conveniently enough, once we had a good heater on, we wandered right next door to the Microsoft Casual Games party, which had almost exactly the same hors d’oeuvres and…

… a big ice sculpture with a big “Microsoft Casual Games” frozen in the center with a tube down the center, etc., etc., etc.

THIS frozen ice sculpture, however, dispensed vodka, Red Bull, and cranberry juice.

How trendsetting!!

The night finally ended with Joe dragging me probably 75 or 80 blocks (or at least that’s what it felt like after six or eight drinks) to The Cellar, a classic, shabby-chic underground dive bar, for the Telltale Games party. Of course, it was by far the coolest. Zombie themed. Disco balls. And guess what? No ice sculpture! Score one to Telltale for breaking refusing to follow the pack!

Joystiq was at the Telltale thing as well, and took a bunch of pictures for your enjoyment. None of me getting sloppy with Joe, Chad from Destructoid, and a few others of the DToid team over at the Cool Kidz Bar, as we liked to call it.

Yes, I have photos, and I’ll upload them later for your amusement.

Okay, back off to the Moscone Center. More later.

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Do U Pod 2?

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18 Feb 2008

Now that Hawkes and I are back “on the virtual air,” as it were, we’ve reconnected with a lot of our old fans from the old days.

And it’s amazing how many of you are now doing your own podcasts!

How awesome is that. I feel like Betsy Ross or something!

If you’re a fan of the old Edie and Hawkes days and you now have your own podcast, let us know. I’d like to give shout-outs on our podcast to all the fans who listened to us and decided (wisely), “Hey, if these two jackasses can do it, anyone can!”

Don’t get me wrong. There’s a certain amount of “I’m not afraid to throw myself off the cliff” mentality needed to start a podcast, and I want to pay tribute to all of you who are egotistical and crazy enough to put your opinions and voices out on the interwebs.

Send us your website details, or at least where we can find your podcast, to GameHounds AT

Now, I’m off to GDC.


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