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Our hope this week was to do GameHounds Episode 10 an hour early this week. No problem, Hawkes said. And thus began a chain of events that means we’ll not be recording Saturday night as usual. Your next episode of GameHounds will, instead, record Sunday night and be available either late Sunday or Monday, depending [...]

Can you believe it? Two GameHounds Podcasts in one week?!?! What are you going to do with yourself? I have an idea! How about curl up with a bowl of popcorn (or a six pack, your call) and have a listen to Edie and Hawkes’ take on the week’s gaming-industry news. What news? How about [...]

Chimpunks Exterminated!

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20 Mar 2008

Just an FYI for all the people who have complained about the Flash Player attached to the podcasts. The chipmunks (ie: the super fast speed of the voices) are gone. Sampling rate issues, but now they’re fixed. Feel free to use the player now. It works for Episode 8 forward. Older episodes are still fast [...]

I wanted to clarify the rules of the dinosaur sound contest to win the copy of Turok this week. In the podcast, I said in an offhand way, “Go ahead and use effects.” Only afterwards did I realize that your “effects” and my “effects” are two different things. As a household of professional sound wonkiness, [...]

Despite the best efforts of God, Murphy’s Law and Comcast, GameHounds Episode 8: Hawkesless Tuesday is finally available for download. As you may know, we had a rocky weekend, and thus we were unable to bring Hawkes along for the ride for this later-than-usual podcast. Standing in for Hawkes at Edie’s side this week is [...]

This is a good news, bad news, good news, Whoa!-wtf news post. The good news is we finally have a show recording date. The bad news is the podcast will be 100 percent Hawkes-free this week. As you know, Hawkes’ life is complicated, and that means if we don’t record Saturday night, we don’t record. [...]

If you haven’t already heard, this is huge. Platform Nation this morning announced that it is participating in the Nokia’s XBox 360 Content Creation Challenge! Do you have the most¬†awsomest¬†XBox 360 theme in your head? Get it outta there, then, and create your perfect theme. If it really is the most awesomest theme evar, you [...]

Waiting for Godot

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16 Mar 2008

For those of you out of the Samuel Beckett loop, it’s a famous play about two guys waiting for a third guy named Godot to show up. Godot never arrives. This is different. We had some scheduling snafus this week, and it looks like GameHounds Episode 8 will be a little bit later than usual. [...]

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