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Hey, Can I Get a Ride?

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30 Jun 2008

You wouldn’t pick up a hitchhiker, would you? Noooo… that would be bad. And dangerous. But in this case, it’s neither, and you could score some GameHounds swag out of it. Edie is coming into Long Beach Airport on Monday, July 13 to attend E3 at the L.A. Convention Center. Why Long Beach? Because her [...]

GameHounds Episode 23: Diablo Esta Vivo

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29 Jun 2008

Everyday is like Sunday… Actually, I take that back. Only Sundays have new GameHounds episodes. This week Edie and Hawkes discuss the surprising amount of news in the gaming industry. Surprising because, with E3 mere days away, this time of the year usually doesn’t have even a thimble-full of decent stuff to talk about. This [...]

Humpdate 06-25-08

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26 Jun 2008

Today we really don’t have time to set up a full list of topics for the Humpdate. We have to get to work. Rather than making you sit around all day wondering where the hell the Humpdate went, we’re posting it this morning and we’ll add topics later. Roughly, Simon DI and Edie discuss Sony’s [...]

GameHounds Episode 21: Panties Inside-Out

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23 Jun 2008

True, this GameHounds shows up on a Monday, but that doesn’t mean it lacks anything from your regular show. Despite an El Nino-like drought of gaming news due to the impending E3 conference, GamerEdie Sellers and Cooper Hawkes still manage to dredge up the best the industry has to offer. And this week, at listener [...]

The Worst of the Worst

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20 Jun 2008

A couple weeks ago, we talked on the podcast about bad voice acting in video games, wondering what were the titles with the most notoriously bad dialogue and delivery. Our forums lit up like a Christmas tree. And honestly, even some of us at GameHounds didn’t recognize the games. And we’re kind of people who [...]

Humpdate 06-18-08

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18 Jun 2008

Wednesday brings the unofficial start of the unofficial start of the weekend — the official-unofficial start of the weekend being Thursday. How’s that for figuring out something original to say about the Jan Brady of weekdays? It also, however, brings you a new Humpdate episode. Edie and Simon DI dig deep into the first half [...]

It’s Tuesday, and although I had intended to post this at 6 a.m. this morning, the GameHounds web-posting applicatation decided to be a little bitch overnight and spent those hours virtually puking in the virtual bathroom. And no, I don’t think it’s pregnant. Maybe it ate a bad clam or something. Anyway, if you weren’t [...]

It’s Sunday, and that means your weekly dose of GameHounds is ready for you. This episode you can enjoy listening to Edie lose her ever-lovin’ mind as she makes it through her first podcast without benefit of Nicotine. Listen as Hawkes defies death by taunting the rabid Edie. Does she sound different? Does she sound [...]

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