Humpdate 06-25-08

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26 Jun 2008

Today we really don’t have time to set up a full list of topics for the Humpdate. We have to get to work.

Rather than making you sit around all day wondering where the hell the Humpdate went, we’re posting it this morning and we’ll add topics later.

Roughly, Simon DI and Edie discuss Sony’s huge financial losses at the hands of the PS3, Spore Creature Creator’s overnight numbers, Veronica Belmot versus Jessica Chobot (how exactly do you pronounce that name?) and our predictions for E3.

It’s a rough week for news, as pretty much anything worth discussing is being held for two weeks, but somehow we manage to fill out the first-half of the week in news.


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2 Responses to Humpdate 06-25-08


Mr Maynard

June 26th, 2008 at 3:47 pm

Great show you guys. Again… damnit with the Price drop. But thankfully, I dont want a PS3, yet. Not too sure whats showing up on E3 as well, but I have a feeling about something old coming back all redone or ported. Not sure what, but its just a feeling I have right now.

BTW, Heres what Im prodicting:

MS – Price Drop, Halo Wars, Something Exclusive.

Sony – Small Price Drop, Game sold with system, also Exclusive.

Nintendo – Some Exclusives, more Perifirals for the wii, and large memory feature.

Im thinking its going to be a boring/snoozer one this year.. with only like 7-8 games looking good.



June 26th, 2008 at 9:41 pm

I don’t think the Sony losses are such a surprise. That’s kind of the cost of launching a platform. Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices division has turned a profit in only one or two quarters since the launch of the Xbox–the first one, not the 360. Overall, they’re $4-5 billion in the red. Video games are a weird business. Nintendo is the only company that insists on making a profit on hardware. *gasp*

The difference between Belmont and Chobot: Belmont is a geek, Chobot is a pair of hired tits.

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