GameHounds Episode 25: Waiter, There’s a Cat In My Pizza

In: Podcasts by Edie Sellers

13 Jul 2008

Hey guys. So, it’s less than 24 hours before one half of the GameHounds crew jets off to Los Angeles for E3. So time is short. Short enough, in fact, that we really don’t have time to do proper show notes for this episode, which unfortunately was recorded later than usual on Saturday night.

Here’s the quick rundown: Edie and Hawkes discuss this week’s demise of Flagship Studios (Hellgate: London), the suspected lack of a price drop for the PS3, Xbox Pro’s price slashing, iPhone games, a possible new Xbox 360 motion controller, Animal Crossing and Punch Out for the Wii, the newly announced third-party professional Rock Band drumset (and how you can do it yourself for about the same price), and the people we hope will STFU at this year’s E3 as presented by this article.

We also read the winner of the World of Warcraft Horror Story contest, which nabbed its author a 60-day pre-paid game card.


And don’t forget to tune in Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for our exclusive E3 coverage, with podcasts each night from Edie and Hawkes. A lot of news is about to crack, so don’t miss it. Check out the podcasts and our news postings on the website.

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2 Responses to GameHounds Episode 25: Waiter, There’s a Cat In My Pizza



July 13th, 2008 at 7:48 pm

I am please to win the trial for World of Warcraft but, I am even happier to hear that someone else enjoyed some of my work and brings a tear to my eye.

I used to buy all the consoles but I don’t really like the Wii and I’m not working at the moment. It sucks not having a job.

I have a Playstation 3 that I got for nothing when I join my new ISP but never use it. Blu-ray isn’t that good. It is better than DVD but not good enough to justify paying two to three times the price that the same film would cost on DVD.

By the way, it has been officially been announced that a 60 Gig XBOX 360 will be 349 and the 20 Gig machine will be $299. Here is the official link.



July 14th, 2008 at 9:02 am

Harmonix and MTV are not in bed because of the lawsuit. MTV Games owns Harmonix, in turn Viacom owns it all.

It not so much that Harmonix copied the genre. Konami claims there are some patent violations. I don’t know exactly which ones but the law documents are out there. I can find the links for you.

Anyways, Great Pre E3 podcast. Have fun there Edie and get us some good news.

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