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Humpdate 11-26-08

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26 Nov 2008

Just when you think you’re clear of the curse… Spazmat comes along. As with last week, listener Matthew “Spazmat” Goss joins GamerEdie Sellers as co-host for the Humpdate. And as with last week, depsite everything be double and quadruple checked prior to recording, a mystery buzz showed up on Edie’s side of the conversation. Only [...]

Thanks to the generosity of listener ErwinEnFire, I have received a 40GB PlayStation 3 as of few weeks ago. Honestly, it’s one of those strange moments in my life. I appreciate the gift, but it’s just not something I’m used to. The fact that someone wants to offer me their old PS3 is just so [...]

Hawkes Editorial: Where PCs reign

In: Uncategorized by David LaMont

24 Nov 2008

I was a PC gamer. I’m pretty sure most of us were or still are. It’s the easiest starting point since most households now have a PC as standard equipment. No matter the game you started with, I’ll guarantee you that it was a PC that was point zero towards your collective gaming addiction. I [...]

If you’ll notice, GameHounds has decided to bypass last week, pretend it doesn’t exist, and carry on with head held high as if nothing happened. It’s better for everyone. So, you’ll be glad to know that the curse is broken. We do indeed have a GameHounds this week. Complete and on time. Edie Sellers and [...]

Alert: Don’t HD Install Halo 3!

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20 Nov 2008

Normally we at GameHounds Central don’t bother to report on general news. But some stories are so important to diseminate that we just have to some devote web space. Consider this a Public Service Annoucement, of sorts, for the NXA. If you are thinking of installing Halo 3 onto your Xbox 360 hard drive, don’t. [...]

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This Is Not a Humpdate, Dammit

In: Podcasts by Edie Sellers

19 Nov 2008

There are some weeks that you just wish you could hit the reset button on your life. You’ll notice that there has not been a GameHounds or Humpdate for longer than usual. Yeah, we noticed, too. Not for lack of trying. We had repeated, yet unrelated, problems with GameHounds Episode 42 over several nights. So, [...]

Wow. Has it really been more than a week since we chatted? Rather than bore you with details, we’ll just shoot to the crux of it all. This is GameHounds Episode 41. It was recorded 10 hours before Edie boarded a plane, and it was uploaded from Boise, Idaho. Yeah, that’s why it’s late. Edie [...]

McCain v. Obama: Warcraft-style

In: Uncategorized by Edie Sellers

4 Nov 2008

Monday night on NBC’s Last Call with Carson Daly offered up a gaming twist on the presidential election. Comedian Rich Kuras (who?) of decided to hit the streets to find out what voters were thinking about the election. But not the streets of Maintown, USA — rather, the streets of Ironforge and Orgrimmar. Kuras [...]

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