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Humpdate 2-25-09

In: Podcasts by Edie Sellers

25 Feb 2009

The new Humpdate is here! The new Humpdate is here! And not just a new episode; a whole new Humpdate format. This week, we have spots from Simon DI of Cyberpunks Gaming, Mr. Maynard from the Unknown Gamers of St. Louis, and Will G, our official “sports hound” for the GameHounds podcast. Hope you like [...]

No GameHounds this week

In: Podcasts by Edie Sellers

22 Feb 2009

We’re really sorry about this. Due to circumstances beyond our control — namely that Tim had prior engagements and Hawkes’ Internet went out – the GameHounds regular podcast just didn’t happen. On the plus side, that means there’s so much more for next week’s new Humpdate with the official launch of the new format. And let’s [...]

Humpdate 2-18-09

In: Podcasts by Edie Sellers

19 Feb 2009

It’s the dawn of a new era, or the end of an old one, depending on how you look at it. The new improved Humpdate details get announced, courtesy of GamerEdie Sellers and Cyberpunks Gaming Podcast’s Simon DI, who sits in for one last regular Humpdate show. In addition to offering details about the future [...]

The Examiner’s Newest Examiner

In: Uncategorized by Edie Sellers

18 Feb 2009

In her neverending quest to spend her entire life playing, writing about or talking about games, our very own Edie Sellers has embarked on yet another facet of her complex life. As of today, she’s the newest video-games examiner for She will be posting like crazy to keep you updated on important news and [...]

GameHounds Episode 56: Which One is Curly?

In: Podcasts by Edie Sellers

16 Feb 2009

The title? Well, with three stooges on the mic, you have to wonder who is who? This week, Cooper Hawkes, Commander Tim and GamerEdie Sellers wrap up the week in gaming news as they teach listeners a new podcasting position: The Three Way! This week, topics include: Twitter for Netflix allows you to add movies [...]

Humpdate 2-11-09

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12 Feb 2009

It’s a new day and a new Humpdate. Commander Tim and GamerEdie Sellers have an annoucement to make and have a lot of news to dish. You’ll get the latter first, though. Don’t worry, you won’t feel cheated. Both are well worth a listen. This week, Edie and Tim discuss: Blockbuster announces it’s adding games [...]

You’d think after 55 episodes we’d be past the “technical difficulties.” But this week a gremlin pops into Edie’s headset and stays for the entire show. Unfortunately, Edie didn’t notice the gremlin until the editing process. So be warned: There’s a lot of great chat and info on this episode, but you’ll have to suffer [...]

No Humpdate This Week

In: Podcasts by Edie Sellers

3 Feb 2009

This week’s lack of a humpdate on Wednesday is brought to you by the letter H (for hospital) and F, T, and L. As many of you know, Edie’s husband had a major oil-change and lube — or more accurately, spinal fusion surgery. He’s doing fine, but with Edie running back and forth to the [...]

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