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There’s so much to talk about this week — what with the Game Developers Conference hitting the news — that we brought in an extra pair of lips to waggle about it. Edie Sellers and Commander Tim are joined this week by Hendrix of superhappyfuntimeshow for a whole lot of surly Minnesota gaming love. This [...]

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2: The Full Monte

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24 Mar 2009

As you all know, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 for the Playstation 3 was officially debuted today by Team Ninja chief designer Yosuke Hayashi outside the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. As promised, Edie Sellers was there. Want to find out the details? Edie’s report is here, but if you’re interested in hearing the whole [...]

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GameHounds Episode 59: No New News to Tell

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23 Mar 2009

God, news is slow. GDC just started, and there’s nothing… NOTTTTHHHHing going on. So, as Tim and Edie spent the evening trying to find topics for the show, it became evident that there was not enough news to actually talk about, so they made the world’s longest pre-show. Bunches of topics. Next week, more structure… [...]

Edie Guests on Digital Cowboys

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19 Mar 2009

Just as a quick FYI, GamerEdie Sellers will be the special guest on the Digital Cowboys podcast this Saturday. This would be a good time to meet the new kids on the block, as the Digital Cowboy hosts, Alex and Tony, are heading your way on next week’s Humpdate. So check it out on their [...]

Humpdate 3-17-09

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19 Mar 2009

Seriously, where did this month go? There’s so much we have to do by the end of the month, and so little time. So rather that waste precious minutes repeating the same thing I say every week, we’ll condense this down to a more managable size. Show. Edie. Hawkes. GuyRy, Maynard. New pod coming next [...]

No GameHounds This Week

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15 Mar 2009

It wasn’t our intent to make you go a week without full-frontal GameHounds lovin’. But with Hawkes out, Tim indisposed and our attempts to get a fill-in falling through. It’s just one of those weeks. Sorry guys and gals. I promise next week we’ll chat a LOT about very important stuff. Lemme give you a [...]

Humpdate 3-11-09

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12 Mar 2009

Hey guys. It’s Humpdate time. It’s the last show where you’ll get all four pods from the GameHounds staff, so swim in it until your fingers get pruny. This week, you have Cooper Hawkes’ Panties in a Bunch, One Guy Ry the iPhone Guy, Maynard’s Minutes and the Sports Hound. All four shows are pretty [...]

GameHounds Episode 58: Tim Fighter IV

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8 Mar 2009

And this week it’s on time. Conquering time, space and virus, the GameHounds team brings you the latest and greatest episode. This week it’s Hawkesless, but Edie Sellers and Commander Tim carry the torch of news, views and commentary. It’s a good week for news, and here’s what they talk about: Will Actilizzard be bringing [...]

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