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Feel like being a part of the E3 mahem? Edie and a host of other Platform Nation hosts will be liveblogging the major media briefings this year via Check out these links during the press conferences and you’ll be hooked in to Edie, Chris Brown of the Married Gamers, Johnathan and Bryan of the [...]

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Chat with Tim “MF” Schafer Live

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30 May 2009

As if you need yet another reason to get on Twitter next week (uh, you did know about our upcoming Liveblogging of the major E3 press conferences, right?), Electronic Arts has announced that you’ll be able to ask questions directly to Tim Schafer about his upcoming game, Brütal Legend. According to the announcement: For your [...]

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Humpdate 5-28-09

In: Podcasts by Edie Sellers

29 May 2009

Here it is, your weekly Humpdate. And it’s a very full house with all four of our regular Humdpate cast reporting for duty. ThatOneGuyRy, Maynard’s Minutes, WillG the Sportshound and the Digital Cowboys fill out this week’s show. And where’s Hawkes, you say? Well, he’s part of the Digital Cowboys this week, so we really [...]

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GameHounds Episode 66: Chewy Nutshit

In: Podcasts by Edie Sellers

25 May 2009

What? It’s Monday? Well, that doesn’t count. It’s the last day of the weekend so it counts. Yes, yes, I know — Monday technically is only a holiday. It’s not really Sunday at all. Well, all I have to say is “nutsh*t.” Chewy nutsh*t, at that. Here’s your damn show. On Monday. There, we said [...]

The End of Piracy

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22 May 2009

sad-pirate_smI’m not an engineer.

Oh, I’m a tech head as much as the next guy, but I do not have strong electronics skills, nor do I possess the time to build a special coupling that allows me to hook up a Wii to my PC for the purposes of backing the files on the built in memory board.

What I have is an understanding of technology and imagination, and it is armed with these very lethal weapons that I write this article.

I had been chatting with Bert, a long time listener with whom I’ve developed a personal relationship. We had started talking about when the next generation of consoles would come out and threw around ideas of what type of system they would be. We both realized that without some major changes in the hardware, piracy would still be a major concern for console makers and software developers.

The average gamer bemoans any DRM. They beg, plead, and cry to publishers how it’s not fair to consumers to have to deal with bloat in order to play a game. Some developers have introduced the finger to these cry-babies, others have listened and complied.

Perhaps they should have used the finger.

Where the Wild Hounds Are

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20 May 2009

So with GameHounds on Radio silence till next week, I figured I’d let you guys know where you could find some of us until then. For example, you can hear Commander Tim on The Digital Cowboys Episode 103. And while you’re at it, be sure to check out Alex and Tony (you know them from [...]

Edie Guests on Some Other Podcast

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20 May 2009

If you’re desperate for some GameHounds–style lovin’, you might want to check out Some Other Castle’s podcast (aka: Some Other Podcast) this week. Just before Edie left the country, she sat down with Elaine and Leah of SOP to discuss stuff, including Call of Duty 4, Fable 2, Chronicles of Riddick, Persona 3 and 4, [...]

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GameHounds Episode 65: Epic Podcast Fail

In: Podcasts by Edie Sellers

11 May 2009

Here it is. What you’ve been waiting for. Well, half of it at least. Yes, as mentioned earlier, the usual GameHounds repetoir was hijacked by early-onset Alzheimers — in other words, Edie forgot to press “record.” So, here’s what you do have. You have Hawkes, Edie and Tim for a while, and they offer great [...]

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