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GameHounds Episode 70: The Future is Brown

In: Podcasts by Edie Sellers

28 Jun 2009

What a weird episode this is. Other than being unusally long, it’s a GameHounds-record number of people on it. Without Hawkes, Edie Sellers and Commander Tim decide to open up the Skype line to anyone who calls. The result is charming and sometimes hilarious. In addition to meeting just a few of the GameHounds faithful, [...]

Tonight: Guest Roulette!

In: Podcasts by Edie Sellers

26 Jun 2009

Hey guys. Ever listened to a podcast of ours and thought: “I could do that”? Or ever heard us talking about the gaming news and thought: “Why didn’t they talk about the story that I thought was important?” Well, tonight’s your chance. Stuff happened this week, and we had to call off our scheduled guest. [...]

Humpdate 6-24-09

In: Podcasts by Edie Sellers

25 Jun 2009

Has it really been almost a month since you’ve heard from the Humpdate? Yes, yes, it has. But that didn’t keep the SportsHound, Maynard’s Minute, or the Digital Cowboys idle. It’s the first Humpdate post-E3, so check in with them to find out what they’re thinking. Enjoy.

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GameHounds Episode 69: Bring the Hate

In: Podcasts by Edie Sellers

22 Jun 2009

How is it that an episode with a number synonymous for an extreme act of lovemaking could have so much hate? But then again, this is the GameHounds. Unfortunately, it’s a GameHounds without Cooper Hawkes this week, but in his stead we have Mr. Maynard of the Unknown Gamers of STL and the Humpdate! This [...]

My GameHounds co-host Commander Tim has it to me so many times in the past: “Adventure games can never be good on a console.” He’s not the only person to believe so. And who’s to blame him? The adventure game flourished in the days when only the PC could provide the graphics, interface and processing [...]

Late. Very late. Incredibly tired. Show. Listen. Notes? Not. Enjoy.

Bethesda @ E3: What We Thought

In: Podcasts by Edie Sellers

10 Jun 2009

Want to know what Edie and some other Platform Nation hosts thought of Bethesda’s offerings this E3? This is the first of several developer-focued podcasts recorded by the Platform Nation kids. In this episode, Steve519 of Platform Nation, Lefty Brown of the Married Gamers, and Edie discuss what Bethesda broght to the table. Enjoy.

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To: Bioware, From: Your Stepson

In: Uncategorized by David LaMont

9 Jun 2009

When you’re a toddler, there’s nobody bigger than your dad. He towers above you, glowers in a scary way when he’s angry, but he can pick you up and toss you so high you feel like Superman. To you, he is immortal. To you, he is infallible. To you, he is the greatest human being [...]

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