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Humpdate 7-29-09

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30 Jul 2009

It’s the last GameHounds show for July, so put your face in and suck it up, kids. This week, the Sportshound WillG, Mr. Maynard and the Digital Cowboys bring you scintilating topics to get your juices flowing. They probe the issues you want to talk about, thrust their opinions deep into your ears, and make [...]

GameHounds Grindhouse Tonight

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29 Jul 2009

Hey all. If you were lucky enough to get into the Xbox Live Update Preview, we want to cordially invite you to join Edie for an evening of grindhouse mayhem on Netflix. Tonight at 8 p.m., we’ll be showing a selection from Edie’s Netflix queue — trust us when we say it’s going to be [...]

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That title may confuse you. Let’s just say, it all gets clear in the last 10 seconds of the show. This week, we had yet another guest fall through (what is it with us? Oh yeah, ComicCon week), so GamerEdie Sellers and Commander Tim are joined by Kropotkin (aka: Chris O’Regan) from SuperHappyFunTimeShow. Topics include: [...]

Humpdate 7-26-09

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24 Jul 2009

Bet you thought we forgot about you. We didn’t. In fact, neither did the Digital Cowboys, That One Guy Ry the iPhone Guy and the Sportshound WillG. They do their best to cuddle up close and say, “Hello, sailor. Looking for a good time?” Okay. That was weird. Enjoy.

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GameHounds Episode 73: Estrogen and Caffeine

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20 Jul 2009

All you long-standing GameHounds listeners will be pleased to know that, this week, GamerEdie Sellers holds down the fort solo with special guest Elaine Garbarine (aka: etDragon) from Some Other Podcast. You’ll be thrilled because you’ll remember that Elaine was the partner in crime with Edie in the infamous Estrogen and Alcohol episode, wherein both [...]

Hawkes and Tim on Digital Cowboys

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20 Jul 2009

If you didn’t get the news on this week’s GameHounds podcast, Cooper Hawkes and Commander Tim both make an appearance on this week’s Digital Cowboys podcast. Alex and Tony of DC have posted a Room 101 episode, wherein they ask a host of gaming glitteratti about what one aspect of gaming gets under their skin. [...]

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EA Symposium This Saturday

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16 Jul 2009

If you find yourself in the San Francisco Bay Area this weekend, you might wander over to Electronic Arts’ Redwood City campus. First: Hey! You can finally walk onto EA’s Redwood City campus without getting tossed out on your keester by a couple of EA Stormtroopers. That alone is pretty cool. Second: The company is [...]

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GameHounds Episode 72: The One With the Bird

In: Podcasts by Edie Sellers

13 Jul 2009

A yes. Birds. Big, loud bluejays. Have I mentioned they’re loud? No, Edie and Commander Tim didn’t record this episode in an aviary. It’s just that, only after we recorded, did we notice that we had a third host: The bird. And we also had a bunch of other guests. Because it was another Guest [...]

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