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MAG Beta Codes at P*N

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24 Nov 2009

Wanted to try MAG but didn’t get a code? Good news. With the extension of the MAG beta, Platform Nation has secured another handful of codes. If you’re wanting to try out this pretty freakin’ sweet PS3 game, check out this link at Platform Good luck!

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GameHounds Episode 89: Spoiler Alert!

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23 Nov 2009

And by spoiler alert, we mean that Cooper Hawkes and Edie Sellers spoil everything from Modern Warfare 2 to Sixth Sense. Oh, and Rosebud was a sled. Whups! Did we say that out loud. When they’re not reminding you that Soylent Green is people, Edie and Hawkes discuss: Electronic Arts shuts down Pandemic Studios. The [...]

GameHounds Episode 88: Alien vs. Predator

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17 Nov 2009

Oh, you think we’re talking about the game. Well, it is a game, but not that one. You’ll just have to listen to find out. This week, Edie Sellers and Commander Tim are joined by Holy Goalie of the GameHounds Sanctuary. In addition to discussing drinking games and scorpion bowls, they also get into the [...]

Yes, more zombies it does have. And more Edie Sellers and more Commander Tim. But it’s got less Cooper Hawkes. Crisp and clean! This week, Edie and Tim discuss: Congrats to Ben Hiebing of Sheboygan Falls, WI, for winning the Platform Nation pumpkin-carving contest. Netflix streaming on PS3 is getting the nerd-rage treatment. Direct2Drive, Impulse [...]

Ugh. Mongo like this episode. Balmer like, too. Commander Tim nice man. So is Cooper Hawkes. Edie Sellers have pretty face and nice voice. They talk games. And news. Lots of news. Week very big and full with news. They make Mongo laugh. They funny. Show this week include: Xbox Live Dashboard Update preview not [...]

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