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Review: Lab Rabbit

In: Reviews by Nicholas "Heartbreak Ridge" Sylvain

26 Oct 2010

I have never much explored the Indie Games section of Xbox Live (formerly known as Community Games)— partly because I’m already swimming in too many games I want to play and partly because the indie space is its own ocean of gems and dross. It is a bit easier to find interesting games, and more [...]


In: Reviews by Dave "Holy Goalie" Gardner

26 Oct 2010

After I got done with Angry Birds on my iPod Touch, I found a very similar game called Fragger, put out by Miniclip. So for a buck I figured I frig around with Fragger for a while. This is another physics-based game in which you must use grenades to destroy enemies. Depending on where your [...]

Wanted: GameHounds writers

In: Website by Edie Sellers

22 Oct 2010

Got opinons? Got writing skills? Got GameHounds love in your heart? You might want to try your hand at letting everyone else know you have all three by writing for GameHounds. We are down one writer — who is annoyingly becoming an airline captain at the moment. Can you believe it?! What nerve! So we’re [...]

Review: Cut the Rope

In: Reviews by Dave "Holy Goalie" Gardner

22 Oct 2010

Chillingo is at it again with a fun new app for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad; Cut the Rope. When I first saw this game in the App Store, it didn’t look all that appealing to me, but after receiving a review code I gave it a try. It’s a cute little physics- and [...]

Review: Super Meat Boy

In: Reviews by Nick "Alsop Live" Dinicola

20 Oct 2010

Super Meat Boy is weird in the most wonderful ways. You play as a block of meat for one. Also your girlfriend is a bandage, and your nemesis is a fetus in a jar wearing a tuxedo and monocle (just for clarification, the jar is in the suit, not the fetus). It all sounds disgusting, [...]

The Married Gamers Robbed

In: Website by Edie Sellers

20 Oct 2010

The good news just keeps getting gooder. This week, we started to feel lucky that all we had was some water infiltrating Command Central. On Monday, our friends Lefty and Mrs. Lefty Brown of The Married Gamers were robbed, and the villains took everything. Their podcasting laptops, multiple gaming systems (including Nintendo DS, Wii, and [...]

Where’d You Go?

In: Website by Edie Sellers

20 Oct 2010

It seems like we dropped off the face of the earth, there, didn’t it? Well, we kinda did. There were some problems in GameHounds HQ, starting with some blackouts and ending with an upstairs plumbing leak that turned into a downstairs flood. Good news: GameHounds lives upstairs. Bad news: GameHounds’ mother-in-law lives downstairs… So while [...]

Swag Bag Winner

In: Website by Edie Sellers

16 Oct 2010

Last week we offered up a bag of PAX Prime swag. This week, we give it away. Congratulations to Bodabo, who was chosen at random from comments left in the Win A Swag Bag post. Didn’t win? Don’t worry. We’ve found more stuff, and we’ll be giving that away this week. So keep checking back [...]

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