Episode 127: Two Great Tastes…

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12 Oct 2010

microphoneIn retrospect, we should have named this episode “La Resistance Est Morte.”

Yes, the great Halo revolt is over. One side won, the other side conceded. And we get to hear it happen this week when Holy Goalie admits to co-host Edie Sellers and all of you how he buckled and finally purchased Halo: Reach.

Stop giggling. It’s not nice.

When he’s not being cowed by his defeat, Goalie and Edie discuss:

  • We name our winner of a Hydrophobia code.
  • Electronic Arts backs off of naming the Taliban in Medal of Honor.
  • Helen Mirin will try to sell you a Wii.
  • Panasonic enters the mobile market with The Jungle.
  • Left 4 Dead 2 is now available for the Mac.
  • Rock Band 3 keyboard bundle for the Playstation 3 won’t exist in the US.
  • Xbox Live is offering monster deals on Gold renewals.
  • Microsoft says it will sell 4 million Kinects this year.
  • Jackalopes and new outfits head to Red Dead Redemption.
  • LittleBigPlanet2 gets a LittleBigDelay.


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5 Responses to Episode 127: Two Great Tastes…



October 13th, 2010 at 6:00 am

Mirren! As seen in RED, an awesome movie, opening Friday.



October 13th, 2010 at 12:34 pm

Wow. After a couple weeks of listening I can’t hold back any further.

I’m not sure why I listened to this podcast and now I will be a listener for life, but probably not for the reasons you would want someone to be. I cannot… CANNOT… fathom how stupid some of the things coming out of your your mouths are.

Opinions are one thing, and in general you guys have terrible opinions, but you are entitled to those. What’s not ok is being factually incorrect about things. OnLive allows you to play PS3 and Xbox games?!?!? Not on planet earth it doesn’t. OnLive allows you to play PC games, and only certain PC games, and that’s it.

A few weeks ago you also stated that you lost all your save games and DLC when you deactivated Gold on your xbox. WHAT!?!?!?! Again, here on planet earth, that does not happen. You keep all your save games and DLC when you go from gold to silver. In fact, when you have silver, you can still buy DLC!!!! Know why? Because Microsoft likes money. Weird, I know.

And your take on the MoH controversy was extremely shortsighted and laughable. Edie said something like “Anything that will help people become terrorists I am against.” Um, that would be our entire country. They hate the way we live, and that goes beyond videogames. In fact, if you went into Pakistan and played The Gamehounds Podcast, that features a woman (GASP!!!!) swearing (DOUBLE GASP!!!!!!!) people would line up by the dozens to destroy the country that would allow such a thing. So I think you should be true to your word Edie and not do anything to create more terrorists. Please stop podcasting.



October 13th, 2010 at 6:51 pm

Okay, fucktard. I tried to be nice. I tried even to ignore you.

Maybe it’s the exhaustion from work, but I’m not going to be nice anymore and just call you what you are: A bleeding cockscab.

For the record, which might be hard for you to understand since you don’t fucking listen and you apparently don’t fucking read either:

1. My Rock Band content is “held for ransom” because, unless I want to play fucking Rock Band by myself, I have to keep ALL THREE gamertags in this house active as Gold because we purchased different Rock Band content under all three and Microsoft won’t allow you to merge two accounts together. This also includes other games like UNO, which is pretty fucking useless unless you are on live. That’s under the old Gamertag, and now I use the NEW Gamertag. The minute you get that sloppy dick out of your ears and the hairy balls out of your eyes, you might be able to understand that.

2. Here’s the planet where you can play Xbox games on OnLive, you brainless freak: The planet where games are released on PC and on Xbox!! Last time I checked, most Xbox titles are on PC…

Oh, wait… that’s right there’s no Xbox controller on that copy of Assassin’s Creed 2… Too bad nobody has a controller you can add to your PC… OH WAIT… YOU CAN!! Thank god there’s this obscure website called https://support.xbox.com/support/en/us/nxe/kb.aspx?ID=906347 that tells you, and I quote, How to connect your Xbox 360 Wired Controller to a computer running Windows.

And then you have the upcoming Onlive module that hooks it to your TV… and fucking voila: It’s an Xbox game on your TV without having an Xbox.

Sorry if that took too many steps for you. Maybe you should have your mom translate into little words.

… AAAAAND, if you spent less time jerking off and actually listening to this podcast you so, so hate… you’d have heard that IN OUR INTERVIEW WITH ONLIVE they are planning on having Xbox and PS3 **EXCLUSIVE** TITLES on Onlive in the future.

So while I appreciate you took the time away from your busy life cruising high schools for girls who will talk to you and troll our forums, you might want to spend a little less time of making a complete retard of yourself for the worlds to see.

… My apologies to our regular listeners who are used to me taking the high ground. With no Hawkes around, being the foul-mouthed enforcer of truth has been a hard role for me to step up to.

We now return you to your regular programming. Hopefully with 100% less moron.



October 13th, 2010 at 6:56 pm




October 14th, 2010 at 10:29 am

If you think that playing a PC game = playing an xbox game, I guess we should just end the argument right now because evidently rationality or facts aren’t part of this discussion. I play Civilization Revolution on my phone, does that mean I PLAY XBOX GAMES ON MY PHONE!?!??! OMFG AMAZING!

Your statement that you can play xbox and ps3 games on OnLive, no matter how you try to frame it now, was wrong. If you don’t want to admit that you were wrong I certainly can’t make you. But you can try to attack me personally (you hit the nail on the head with masterbation part btw, im not sure how you are so clairvoyant) but that won’t change the fact that PC games arent xbox games. They are PC games.

I don’t think I ever heard anyone say “Im playing the xbox game Madden on my PS3,” because, you know, its also out on the xbox so why not just call it an xbox game!?!

As for your DLC held hostage. It’s not. What you are describing is that you can’t play it online without gold… which is true. But when you drop that gamertag down to silver, the DLC on that machine will still be able to be used. MICROSOFT IS NOT HOLDING IT HOSTAGE!

The question of whether you should be able to merge DLC from different accounts is a valid one, and something I’d love to see them allow, but to frame the whole conversation like MS is holding you hostage is a bit disingenuous because they aren’t. Your content is not going away like you’ve claimed on the show.

Keep up with calling me a “retard” and a “brainless freak” though. Your true colors are shining bright.

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