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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

In: Website by Edie Sellers

25 Nov 2010

Without getting too sappy, we’d like to express how thankful we are for the last year. It’s been a tough one. We’ve lost two hosts on the podcast, relaunched the website with content, overcome a lot of technical obstacles and mishaps. And that was just the show itself. Personally, the staffers of GameHounds have had [...]

Episode 130: Tits and a Mouth

In: Podcasts by Edie Sellers

23 Nov 2010

This sounds dirty. It’s not. Trust me. This week, Holy Goalie, Edie Sellers, and Nick Dinicola chat up about the week in news. Admittedly, it’s LAST week in gaming news, but there it is. Whatchagonnado? Gran Turismo 5 due in stores November 24. Kinect costs about $56 to manufacture, or so says a website that [...]

Another Swag Bag for You to Win!

In: Website by Edie Sellers

19 Nov 2010

We spy with our little eye… Another batch of swag. Yes, we said we had more to give away, and we meant it. We have put together another swag bag and it’s ready to be yours. Just leave a comment on this post before December 3 at noon Pacfic Time. We’ll draw at random from [...]

Review: Costume Quest

In: Reviews by Nicholas "Heartbreak Ridge" Sylvain

17 Nov 2010

In the wake of the cancellation of a Brütal Legend sequel, Tim Schafer announced this past July that Double Fine’s next four games will be a mix of downloadable and retail games and that their future offerings would be smaller in scope than a triple-A game. A light and fun turn-based role-playing game set on [...]

The Ups and Downs of New Vegas’ Hardcore Mode

In: Articles by Anthony McGill

15 Nov 2010

With the recent release of Fallout: New Vegas comes a number of new features that Obsidian has implemented into the Fallout series — the most notable being hardcore mode. It is important to note that the difficulty and hardcore mode are two separate choices. Therefore, you can play hardcore mode on very easy, very hard, [...]

Free Black Ops Gear for Female Xbox Live Avatars

In: Articles by Nick "Alsop Live" Dinicola

15 Nov 2010

If you bought the Hardened or Prestige versions of Call of Duty: Black Ops for the 360, you’d find a voucher for some free Xbox Avatar outfits. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), Activision messed up and didn’t print a code for female Avatars on the voucher. To make up for the mistake the publisher created two universal [...]

Review: Vanquish

In: Reviews by Chris "FighterAce100" Salazar

15 Nov 2010

PAX Prime 2010 exposed to me to some games I would not have played on my own if I had not tried them out first. Vanquish was definitely one of those games. It’s very different from your typical third-person shooter — hell, any regular shooter, even — but it still enticed me to play it. [...]

Episode 129: Happy Freakin’ November

In: Podcasts by Edie Sellers

12 Nov 2010

It’s freakin’ November everyone. And this first episode of the eleventh month brings you Holy Goalie, Edie Sellers and Nick Dinicola chatting up the news from the week, as well as reviews of Fable 3 and Rock Band 3. It’s freakin’ awesome. News topics include: The Kinect hit store shelves, despite mixed reviews. The Kinect [...]

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