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Review: Black Ops: Multiplayer

In: Reviews by Miguel "DaddyGamer" Gonzaga

15 Dec 2010

Come on. Walk out. I know he’s coming, but he won’t see me. I’m a ghost. My M16’s suppressor is my guarantee behind this bush. Wait? Dang it! I hear dogs. Crap! I’m dead. If you’re playing Call of Duty: Black Ops, this scenario has become all too familiar. Surprisingly, game developer Treyarch found ways [...]

Win a Good Little Boy/Girl Game Pack

In: Website by Edie Sellers

15 Dec 2010

Does searching for a tale of your naughtiness confound you? Feel left out of the game-pack giveaways because of your angelic nature? Well, good little boys and girls deserve special gifts, and we have a pack for you too. Five awesome games — good games, if you will — for one of you. All you [...]

Episode 132: Edie and Nick Get It On

In: Podcasts by Edie Sellers

15 Dec 2010

Just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean we can’t have a little Valentine’s Day goin’ on. There’s some bumpin’, grindin’, and general sheet mussin’ in this episode, when Edie Sellers and Nick Dinicola decide to do the forbidden dance, while Holy Goalie watches. You think we’re kidding. We’re not. We’re being very alarmingly literal. When they’re [...]

Review: Infinity Blade

In: Reviews by Miguel "DaddyGamer" Gonzaga

14 Dec 2010

I’m not going to beat around the bush. Folks, I think we have a winner with Infinity Blade, the action-RPG game for the iPhone and iPad. The game’s premise is simple: You come from a line of warriors trying to acquire the Infinity Blade from the God-King and avenge your ancestor’s death.

Review: Rocketfish PS3 wired-headset

In: Reviews by Miguel "DaddyGamer" Gonzaga

11 Dec 2010

It’s frustrating to play multiplayer games without the ability to communicate with your teammates. Even more frustrating is having your Bluetooth headset run out of battery juice in the middle of a firefight. After several days of cussing that will probably deny my entrance to Heaven, I found a nice and inexpensive solution. It a [...]

Meet the Hounds: DaddyGamer

In: Website by Miguel "DaddyGamer" Gonzaga

11 Dec 2010

Hello everyone! My name is DaddyGamer, but the rest of the world knows me as Miguel Gonzaga. I’m excited to be a member of the GameHounds crew. I started covering the electronic entertainment industry in 1993 and created Gamespot TV in 1998 for the now defunct Tech TV network. Video games have been a part [...]

Review: Call of Duty: Black Ops

In: Reviews by Dave "Holy Goalie" Gardner

11 Dec 2010

Though it didn’t have the hype of Halo Reach, Call of Duty Black Ops did get quite a large amount of press, and the lines were so long on launch day, I had to leave and go back to get my copy. So does it live up to the hype ?

Two Holiday Deals, Today Only

In: Articles by Edie Sellers

11 Dec 2010

If you’re looking for some good holiday deals, you might want to check out today. If you’ve never checked out Woot!, you’ve missed something. The site sells one, and only one, item each day. The items stay up all day or until they sells out, whichever comes first. It also has sister sites of [...]

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