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In: Website by Anthony McGill

4 Dec 2010

mcgillaghHello, Gamehounds fans!

My name is Anthony McGill, and I am the most fickle gamer you will ever meet. I often consider myself a die-hard PC gamer. Then, the next day, I fall out of love with PC games and plant myself on the couch with my Xbox 360.

I’m 20 years old and located in one of the smallest towns in Ohio.

Games have been my passion since I was about four. (What 4-year-old has passions?)

A friend of my Dad’s gave us a SNES and later a PSOne back in the mid-90s — and the rest is history.

I say I’m a fickle gamer for a number of reasons — mainly because I am easily bored by the status quo and always looking for the next best thing. Anything experimental, indie, or simply something that attempts to push the gaming industry forward are usually the kind of games I’m drawn to.

Just about every console or portable since the mid-90s has eventually had my sweaty paws wrapped around it.

I’ve only just recently gotten into PC gaming, which further contributes to my ever-lasting love of doing everything I can to break something, void a warranty, or spend eight hours trying to get one simple thing to work. I am a technological masochist.

Furthermore, I’m a journalism student. This is why I’m here. To express my undying gratitude for video games, and their respective developers, through the magic of writing!

Gaming aside, I’m also an avid music enthusiast. I play a variety of instruments and have a decent home studio set-up.

I look forward to working with the Gamehounds and hope to hear your opinions. Even if you’re wrong!

Gamertag: OffsetRaptor
Steam: AmBam
Twitter: Anthony_McGill_
Facebook: Anthony McGill

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2 Responses to Meet the Hounds: McGilla


Darn Ragnar

December 4th, 2010 at 3:11 pm



Anthony McGill

December 5th, 2010 at 1:31 pm

Thank you, sir!

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