Fighter Ace’s Best & Worst of 2010

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22 Jan 2011

best-worstIt’s 2011, and most of the news journalists are done with their New Year bullshit articles. So now is the time I figured, “Why not do mine?” We are are  getting over our disappointing so-called “resolutions” by now, so let’s cheer ourselves up by reading some crazy stuff from a guy who is either flying, sleeping, or playing games. Here’s what made my list for last year — life changing for sure!

Best of 2010

Mass Effect 2

Oh-em-gee! Yeah, I’m screaming like a girl at a Beiber concert over Mass Effect 2! I will admit I hadn’t even played the series until fellow GameHound Nick Dinicola said I’m missing out on one of the best series ever published for the Xbox. I was skeptical, of course, (Ed Note: Yeah, he loved Heavy Rain, ahem.). I thought it was just going to be — well, I wasn’t sure what it was going to be. I started with first Mass Effect, and immediately went went straight into Mass Effect 2 because I borrowed both games. And I have never imagined I could have become so entwined into a game in my life. Long story short, if you haven’t played Mass Effect or its sequel, you are worthless and need to go buy yourself that game to call yourself some sort of gamer. Besides, it’s usually on sale, so your wallet is safe!

Bioshock 2

Bioshock is one of those games that sucks you in and you have to finish it after you start it — unless you are me, who has so many games now and gets so busy with a new job that you bail on it and feel like you are incomplete somehow. If you enjoyed the first title, this one will definitely keep you entertained from start to finish. Hell, even if you haven’t played the first one, to sum it up, you are in this huge deep water suit called a “Big Daddy,” and you kill people with either a huge-ass drill or a rivet gun. Who wouldn’t want to play that?

Battlefield Bad Company 2

My favorite game of all time — bar none. Yes, this game makes my best-ever list even over Mass Effect, which I could ramble on about for days on end. This game truly “completes me.” In fact, this game has had such a profound effect on all of us here at Gamehounds that I think all of us own it now. Yeah, I have spread this game around like nobody’s business. I even got Holy Goalie to play it, and he has since succumbed to its vice grip. Honestly, why buy a game that has Call of Duty in its title if you own this one? (Peer pressure can be so deceiving when buying games, trust us professionals.) Teamwork, great points system, perfect amount of weaponry to keep it exciting, and great maps. DLC comes out for this game on a schedule that just doesn’t let you put it down to collect dust, unlike Modern Warfare 2, which is — hell, now that I think about it I don’t even know where that game is since I moved, but it’s collecting dust somewhere. We all play BFBC2, so come and join us sometime.

Red Dead Redemption

The sheer vastness of the open world and setting is enough for this game to make my top games of all time. I grew up on “old Westerns” when I visited my grandpa. Every day he would watch John Wayne and other classic cowboy actors pretty much kick ass and get the damsel in distress to safety. Naturally, after trying to resist what I thought was crap, turned out to be some pretty good stories and good fun. This game brought back those good memories for me except I actually got to do what I wanted to do in this movie. Great game, lots of adventure, and it looks gorgeous in high-def. My easiest sum up is it’s GTA 4 turned Western and a lot more fun.

Halo: Reach

We all knew this was going to be on my list. I mean, just saying anything with the word Halo in it gets my ears pointed up just like a German shepherd’s at full attention. Ladies and gentlemen, if you have not played a single Halo title by now, what have you been doing this whole time on a Xbox? Halo is amazing because of its depth, expansive multiuniverse story, and immensity. Books, clothes, cartoons, games, maybe even a movie someday comprise the Halo-verse. It has turned into something huge, and that earns it a right to be boasted about. Sure it’s not a complex shooter like Call of Duty or Battlfield Bad Company, but its loads of fun, the stories are great, and there’s tons of replayability in the games. I’m not telling you to love it, but you should definitely play it.

Fallout: New Vegas

This is a game that falls into Red Dead territory. It is huge. We’re talking grande carne asada burrito, here. Playing Fallout 3 made me recognize something about myself: For more than 167 hours, I could play a game nearly nonstop and still want to play more after I had beaten it . Fallout: New Vegas is my wishes answered from Bethesda to give me more of Fallout 3. I became hardcore from this series, and New Vegas will pull you in and not let you escape until you have shot, stabbed, hit, nailed, and blown up everything you can think of in a post-apocalyptic world. A-plus, Bethesda. Love it!

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit

I love racing games almost as much as I love shooters. So when I got to play Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit at PAX, I knew I was going to buy it on launch day. Sure I’ll admit that Electronic Arts pretty much owns my wallet and any money that I make, but this one is different. It’s for those of you who can’t stand the realism of Forza 3, or those who want more Burnout Paradise but also want the thrill of the chase. NFS: Hot Pursuit is about racing the hottest cars out there but with rather a good balance of super cars and some sports cars with police lights, sirens, and logos. I bet any cop would love to drive a Bugatti Super Sport at work. I’d become a cop just to drive that every day. The game is built on social interaction — you know what I’m talking about, Facebook addicts. Set a time, challenge friends, beat their times, boast about it. It’s also okay to smash the crap out of the car next to yours on the track. Who crosses the finish line first is all that matters here.

Other Notables

There were so many games out last year I could go on for pages, but since I’m already pushing my limit, and probably yours, I’ll list some other cool games to try out that are worthy runners-up: Army of Two: The 40th Day, MAG, Heavy Rain ,Final Fantasy XIII ,Metro 2033 ,Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction, Alan Wake, Limbo, Mafia II, Fable 3, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, Gran Turismo 5, Epic Mickey, and Tron: Evolution

Worst of 2010

The Sims and all the ridiculous expansions

What is the deal with this franchise!? It’s worse than all the flash games on Facebook. This is a game about creating a character (probably yourself in some form, for better or worse), and then doing what you normally do every day in real life. My question is: Why would you want to do that on a computer? I think it’s ridiculous and boring after about an hour of gameplay. I would like to toss in the expansion packs into this as well. Electronic Arts, seriously, you are raping the wallets of people because you decided to not have half that crap on the game disc when it really should have been in there already. Come on now!


I don’t understand this game at all. I tried the demo and really wanted to like it, but I just couldn’t be convinced as to why this is a fun game. It seemed like something should exist on the Wii for an 8-year-old who got tired of boxing but can’t have a M-rated game because mommy says so.

Madden NFL 11

I’ve bought Madden games for some time now, beginning about Madden 10. I finally realized that they were not doing much to adding new features other than minor visual upgrades and roster changes. This series is going to the dumps, and it pains me to say it but I am not buying another one until Electronic Arts really changes it up and adds features that make it worth buying the next year.

Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X 2

I hated the original H.A.W.X after playing the demo for five minutes. I am a pilot, and this game is more boring than just flying a small Cessna 172 in Microsoft Flight Simulator around a lake. Flight dynamics are crap, the handling sucks on a controller, and it just wasn’t impressive in any way. It totally let me down. This sequel had some improvements on the controls, but after thinking about it, it was just the same. Compare this to Ace Combat, which is fun even after I’ve played and beaten it more than five times.

Medal of Honor

To Taliban or not to Taliban, that is the question. When even the Pentagon bans your game from it from being sold on US military bases, you’d think you’d figure out  you’d fucked up your game? “Oh, wait,” you think. “We can save it. Let’s change the “Taliban” to “Opposition Force” and that should solve all our problems!” I have to say, at first I really wanted this game. And then I played the beta, and I was the Taliban. I hated it. I was angry at the fact that I had to shoot a Army Ranger playing as my current nation’s enemy. Fuck that! I will not play a game where I am the enemy of my nation in a war we are currently fighting. I have friends over there, and I hope they come home safely, just like the rest of our troops. I had their faces in the back of my mind while I was playing, and it was too much of a burden to continue. Even though it’s “only a game,” it’s not cool. I will admit I didn’t get to try the campaign, but multiplayer wise: Total bomb.

Well that’s my take on last year. I had a blast playing with everyone on Xbox Live, from BFBC to Halo. Seriously, I like to game because of the online conversations, battles, and competitions. You guys rock! As always, see you on the battlefield!

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