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Episode 140: Neir From Behind

In: Podcasts by Edie Sellers

31 Mar 2011

Now that we have Leah Haydu on staff, let’s face it: The conversation will eventually turn to boobs and butts. Oh yes it will. And we don’t fail to impress at our fascination with virutally created Japanese lady-parts — or with the rest of the games out there. This week Leah, Edie Sellers, Holy Goalie, [...]

Are Downloadable Games the Future of Gaming?

In: Articles by Leah "WhiteGodiva" Haydu

31 Mar 2011

I didn’t see Gears of War 3 at PAX. Nor did I see LA Noire, Mortal Kombat, or Portal 2. I stood in line for half an hour to see The Old Republic, but ultimately I abandoned ship on that one, so I didn’t see it, either. Could I have seen these games? Sure. They [...]

PAX East 2011: Goalie Meets XtendPlay

In: videos by Edie Sellers

23 Mar 2011

Are you sick of cramped hands from your controller? We may have found your solution at PAX East 2011. Dave “Holy Goalie” Gardner talks with Mark Sparling, co-creator of XtendPlay, a housing for both Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 controllers that makes your whole gaming experience more ergonomic and less stressful to your hands, wrists, [...]

Episode 139: PAX East 2011 In My Pants

In: Podcasts by Edie Sellers

20 Mar 2011

It’s the big, fat wrap-up show of PAX East 2011. And it’s in our pants. This week Holy Goalie, Edie Sellers, and Nick Dinicola are joined by our very own Leah Haydu, by popular demand. We talk about what we saw at PAX East last week in Boston, what went wrong, what went right, and [...]

Review: Homefront

In: Reviews by Dave "Holy Goalie" Gardner

17 Mar 2011

I really wanted to like Homefront. It potentially seemed like it had a very unique and intense storyline that had all the makings of a classic. But right from the get-go you can tell that this isn’t the premier title THQ would have you believe it is. Despite the trappings and the marketing hype, Homefront [...]

Goalie and Nick Share the Kinect Hate

In: videos by Edie Sellers

16 Mar 2011

Do we need to remind you how much our own Dave Gardner and Nick Dinicola hate the Kinect? No, they don’t own one. They just resist the idea of it. Here’s the first of several upcoming PAX East 2011 video dispatches from GameHounds, and Nick and Dave make sure you know that “La Resistance” lives [...]

PAX East 2011: Hands-On With Warp

In: Articles by Nick "Alsop Live" Dinicola

16 Mar 2011

Warp is one of those unexpected gems that makes PAX worth it. It’s a downloadable game from Montreal-based developer Trapdoor that puts you in the shoes of a cute, albeit weird, orange alien. You wake up in a sterile looking lab; no clue how you got there or where you came from, and very quickly [...]

PAX East 2011: The Gunstringer Hands-On Demo

In: Articles by Nick "Alsop Live" Dinicola

14 Mar 2011

Twisted Pixel and Kinect are a natural fit. The developer’s games are always colorful and non-violent enough to appeal to any age, yet are built on a solid mechanical foundation that appeals to the hardest of the hardcore. So it should come as no surprise that The Gunstringer feels less like “a Kinect game from [...]

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