Indie Game Review: Mower

In: Reviews by Dave "Holy Goalie" Gardner

5 Apr 2011

After a long winter of shoveling snow, we all look forward to spring time so we can get back to doing outdoor activities: Cooking on the grill, throwing a ball in the back yard, and hanging out with friends and neighbors.

However, none of this is possible until you cut the grass.

Yes, I found another fun little indie game on Xbox Live called Mower.

Diamond Bullet Studios found a way for you to cut the grass without sneezing and without bringing all the grass clippings into the house. For 80 space bucks (or $1) you can cut the virtual lawn while sitting on your couch.

In the square backyard of what looks like graphics right out of a Sims game, you push your lawn mower around and cut the grass. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. Standing in your way scattered throughout the yard are these darn cats.

And of course, these cats are not going to move out of your way. If you run them over points are deducted, so you have to figure out a way to remove the grass without mowing the cat.

And no lawn is complete without going around the edges with a weed-whacker. In order to get 100 percent, you need to weed-whack the edge — then and only then will the game be finished.

Moving the lawn mower and weed-whacker around the yard is fairly simple on the Xbox controller, and there are three different game modes to choose from. Normal, which times you; Survival, which counts down from eight minutes and if you finish in time the next round starts with only 7:30 on the clock and so on; and Weedeater Challenge, in which you must cut the entire lawn using only the weed-whacker.

Let’s face it nobody really likes to cut the grass, but if you are looking for a mindless and relaxing game to chill out with, Mower makes the blade, er grade.

Score: 7/10

Developer/Publisher: Diamond Bullet Studios
For Xbox Live Arcade
80 Microsoft Points ($1)
Available now on Xbox Live Marketplace

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1 Response to Indie Game Review: Mower



April 5th, 2011 at 11:32 am

Looking forward to your Load review…

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