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Episode 147: The World of Hack

In: Podcasts by Edie Sellers

22 May 2011

Oh, it was hackarific this week. Everything was hacked. You’d think it was practically a Hackpocalyse… Oh, maybe that was a bad choice of words. But despite the veritable Judgement Day of pirates and cyber ne’er-do-wells, Holy Goalie, Nick Dinicola, Leah Haydu, and Edie Sellers managed to keep themselves raptured by the gaming news. And [...]

Review: Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes HD

In: Reviews by Leah "WhiteGodiva" Haydu

22 May 2011

Strategy games and I don’t get along. We never have. I’ve tried many times to get into the genre, in large part because the marketing for these titles often tries to trick me into thinking it’s something I really want to play. Featuring large-eyed, anime-inspired characters peering enthusiastically from the cover art of a game [...]

Episode 146: Thursday Nick is a Real A**hole

In: Podcasts by Edie Sellers

16 May 2011

It’s been a long week at GameHounds. And in the news. In this week’s episode, the usual GameHounds gang let fly with the news and reviews of what they’ve been playing. Not all of it good. And Thursday Nick is in full force. Who’s Thursday Nick, you ask? Check his Twitter account. This week, topics [...]

Games You Probably Didn’t Play: Okamiden

In: Reviews by Leah "WhiteGodiva" Haydu

11 May 2011

I play some pretty obscure games. I’m not saying that in a hipster, you’ve-probably-never-heard-of-them kind of way, but rather as a method of describing my style of choice. A lot of what I gravitate toward tends to be sort of strange, in an often distinctly Japanese way. These types of games aren’t ones I necessarily [...]

Episode 145: Wheatly Industries by Sony

In: Podcasts by Edie Sellers

9 May 2011

Oh, hello. Didn’t expect to see you there. Sooo, yes. You’re here for the podcast, I expect. Good for that. And you. Of course, you. Wouldn’t want to forget, ehm, you. Good to meet you. I’m Wheatly. I’m here to make sure you get your podcast, and might I say, I’m very good at it. [...]

Leah’s Best & Worst Video Game Controllers

In: Articles by Leah "WhiteGodiva" Haydu

3 May 2011

As you may have noticed, many of the GameHounds crew have been playing some older games recently, both in their original formats and through ports or re-releases. Nostalgia only gets you so far, though, when it’s not set up properly. In order to really get that first-time feel, you need to have the right tools. [...]

Leah and Goalie Do Portal 2 Co-Op

In: Articles by Leah "WhiteGodiva" Haydu

2 May 2011

They say two heads are better than one. If that is true then four portals are better than two. Double your pleasure and double your fun. Yes, get some Doublemint Gum and pair up with a friend for the all new co-op mode in Portal 2.

Be warned: The first 40 minutes or so of this episode is filled with Portal 2 campaign spoilers. So if you have yet to play, or get more than half way through the game’s story mode, you may want to just skip to news. News begins at 35:35. In this episode, there’s a lot to [...]

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