E3 2011: Could Wii U Stream Movies to Controller?

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10 Jun 2011

Even if you’re not all that into the Wii U — or Nintendo, for that matter — think about this: What if you could stream a movie from your living room to watch in your bedroom?

That may be a possibility, according to Satoru Iwata.

In an interview with Time’s Techland website, Nintendo’s chief executive says that the company hasn’t ruled out the Wii U controller from being a little screen around the house.

“Of course, this is supposed to be a video game machine so you can play a video game. But at the same time, you may want to see a situation where your mom or your wife, they want to see some video stream from the console to the kitchen,” Iwata said.

He didn’t mention whether your father or your husband might want that, too, but that’s a whole other article.

Bottom line, if you consider that the Wii already streams Netflix — and one would expect that the Wii U might do the same — the controller might easily become your convenient portable pad to stream movies around the house without the added expense of something like an iPad.

Wonder how long it will take before one gets dropped in the tub.

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1 Response to E3 2011: Could Wii U Stream Movies to Controller?


Maj Malfunction

June 10th, 2011 at 8:49 am

Considering that Nintendo already said that the Controller pretty much needs to be in bluetooth range.. it is not a WiFi device, I am not suer why I would need this functionality. It needs to be near the TV, so you could just watch on the TV. If someone else is watching TV, it would probably not be a good movie experience to watch a pad in a room someone else is listening to programming over speakers.
Really seems to be good only for games to me overall.

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