Wii U To Finally Get Rid of Friend Codes — Thank Gawd!

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11 Jun 2011

If you’ve ever tried to connect up with a buddy on the Wii, you know exactly why it’s not the console of choice of online-mulitplayer fans. Simply put, Nintendo’s Friend Code system is balls.

And not the good kind.

Whereas both Sony and Microsoft make finding and connecting with friends relatively easy with an account name or Gamertag, a Wii Friend Code is a 12-digit randomized jumble that must be added on the requester’s end. And in order to actually put this person on a friend list, the requested player must similarly add the requester’s Friend Code to make the connection.

The point was to make the Wii kid-safe and keep strangers from contacting the little ones. However, it succeeded also making connecting with friends only slightly easier than doing your taxes.

So if nothing else, we will be able to thank the Wii U for one large improvement in console gaming: It will get rid of Friend Codes in favor of account names like the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

Ubisoft producer Adrian Blunt told MTV Multiplayer Blog during a demo of Ghost Recon Online that the game will be ditching the whole mess.

“Rather than using Friend cCdes, which we’ve had in the past, we’re able to connect players in a much easier way, which allows us to have a community that’s playing together in the game.”

When asked “Equivalent to a Gamertag on Xbox Live,” he replied, “Yeah, exactly.”

With the Wii U being angled as more appealing to core gamers, getting rid of the Friend Codes is just pure common sense. If only we could get rid of them on the Wii.

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