Did LulzSec Publish Your XBL, PayPal, Facebook Passwords?

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19 Jun 2011

The whole security thing just got very, very nasty.

On Thursday, hacker group LulzSecurity, AKA LulzSec, published a file containing passwords and email of 62,000 users of Xbox Live, PayPal, and Facebook. The group uploaded the file to file sharing sites twice: Once in its initial posting and a second time after the site removed the original file.

Though both files were quickly removed, according to Canadian news site CBC Reports, they were downloaded “thousands of times” while they were available.

The user names and passwords came primarily from US accounts, though some Canadian users were also affected, including journalists and some Canadian provincial public servants, according to the report.

Members of LulzSec  posted to the group’s Twitter account boasting of exploits they’d done with the information, including hacking Facebook accounts and reportedly stealing cash from PayPal accounts.

“Envelope yourself [sic] in the sickening realization that you secretly love f–king someone’s Facebook life beyond repair,” says one tweet from LulzSec.

Are you concerned that you are one of the unlucky 62,000 who are now laid bare to hackers? Tech site Gizmodo has posted a tool to allow you to find out if you and your information were part of the file.

You can find the tool at www.gizmodo.com.

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1 Response to Did LulzSec Publish Your XBL, PayPal, Facebook Passwords?



June 19th, 2011 at 9:45 pm

I wonder what would happen if Anonymous found these guys and then published info about them on Wikileaks.

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