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Episode 157: The Big Fat PAX Episode

In: Podcasts by Edie Sellers

20 Sep 2011

Yep, it’s that time of the year, my friends. PAX Prime is behind us, and being that we had two of our writers there, we brought them both on the show. It’s a four-man squad of preview awesome, with GamerEdie Sellers, Holy Goalie, Nick Dinicola, and special guest Chris Salazar. And boy, do we have [...]

Review: Toy Soldiers: Cold War

In: Reviews by Dave "Holy Goalie" Gardner

13 Sep 2011

Nothing gets Holy Goalie’s juices going like the 1980s. I tried the demo for  the original Toy Soldiers, and even though it was different and cute to be fighting with the small guys, it just didn’t do it for me. Perhaps it was the World War I setting, or maybe it was just missing something. [...]

Gasp! It’s a miracle! The GameHounds staff finally put up a podcast. Yes, we admit, this is pretty bad. We were out for almost a month. Between Burning Man and PAX, there was a lot going on, and we haven’t had a chance to sit down and chat. We miss our podcast buddies terribly. In [...]

PAX 2011: The Secret World Preview

In: Articles by Chris "FighterAce100" Salazar

5 Sep 2011

How many urban legends and myths exist where you live? I remember the first time I heard about a girl that was killed in a narrow canyon only a few miles from my house, and supposedly her ghost haunted the road at night, hoping for someone to pick her up and drive her to safety. [...]

PAX 2011: Firefall Preview

In: Articles by Chris "FighterAce100" Salazar

1 Sep 2011

Last year at PAX Prime we were able to see a new game that was getting some hype…something called Firefell? Fireballs? Oh Firefall, that’s right. I kept getting the name mixed up with something else as the weekend continued. We had a nice demo shown off to us but we couldn’t play ourselves. The concept [...]

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