GameHounds 218: Staying Calm and Carrying On

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21 Apr 2013

It’s hard to do a show two days after a national tragedy, but we did it.

The crew finds a way to keep calm, carry on, and make the best of a tough few days. Holy Goalie, who’s in the Boston area, is joined by Nick Dinicola and Edie Sellers while they get very raw and real about all the crazy emotions going through them at the moment and wondering how to they talk about something so trivial as video games when a horrible event such as the Boston Marathon bombing is so fresh and raw.

Since this recording, the two bombers have been caught or killed, and while we still have a lot of questions unanswered, the answer to “what do we do now” is to not let the tragedy stop our lives… or our podcast.

ALERT: GameHounds won’t have a show next week due to Edie going out of town. Need something to tide you over? Try our two episodes of GameHounds: Happy Endings on Spreaker.

This link.

This one.

Right here.

In the week’s episode, the somber GameHounds gang discusses:


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