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Norway Needs Blood Donations

In: op ed by Edie Sellers

22 Jul 2011

I know, we haven’t been posting stories in the last couple weeks. As of 3 a.m. the plan was to get some well-earned sleep, wake up, walk the dog, and then start writing and posting. That was the plan until we woke up and heard about two separate terror attacks in our favorite country not [...]

Review: Gravitron 360 (XBLA)

In: op ed by Zachary Maynard

16 Sep 2010

Let’s start off with this review by doing something right now. Take your wallet out. Place a dollar on your keyboard, and listen up. Now, what can you do with that dollar? Buy a soda? A candy bar? Maybe two rounds of Galaga? Well let me tell ya, there’s another great indie title on XBLA. [...]

Fallout 3 Starter’s Guide

In: op ed by Justin Knowles (Special to GameHounds)

23 Aug 2010

Having heard how Holy Goalie was having trouble with Fallout 3 I have put together this starter guide hoping it will help him and any other GameHounds listeners who have not yet played Fallout 3. I have attempted to avoided any major spoilers, however there is one and I have clearly labeled it at the [...]

The Best iPhone It Can Be?

In: op ed by Ryan "ThatOneGuyRy" Lindblom

23 Aug 2010

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have most likely heard of this little handheld device made by Apple, the iPhone 4. Better camera, better screen, sleeker design. Same crappy service provider, same dropped calls, and some are unable to even hold the device without signal issues. I’ve had my iPhone 4 since [...]

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