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Did You Miss the Xbox Reveal?

In: videos by Edie Sellers

21 May 2013

Worry not if you actually had, you know, a job or something and missed the big Xbox Reveal this morning from Redmond, WA. It’s not easy to find a rebroadcast you can watch on-demand, but fortunately business icon has it available for you. Check it out here.

The GameHounds Do Hockey

In: videos by Edie Sellers

13 Feb 2012

When the GameHounds aren’t podcasting, stealing candy from children (Edie), or trying to get a plea bargain from the DA (Nick), we’re doing hockey. Well, not really, but while visiting Holy Goalie in Huntington Beach this weekend, they all lent a hand with the RatCast, both filming and offering color commentary. Want to see completely [...]

Did Robin Williams Really Do That to His Kid?

In: videos by Edie Sellers

15 Jun 2011

Alright, this celebrity craze of naming babies after completely idiotic things has just gone too far. Apple? Bronx Mowgli? Roxy Crimefighter!? I mean, sure, if you want to show how you have more money than sense while simultaneously giving your children a big fat middle finger for the rest of their lives. And yes, those [...]

If you need your appetite whetted for the upcoming Mass Effect 3 — and we really don’t because we want it worse than a starving man wants a burger — here’s an bouche amuse for you. Yesterday, Bioware released a new trailer for ME3, and there’s a few things we can glean from it. Firstly, [...]

Video: Two Guys from Philly, One Goalie

In: videos by Edie Sellers

5 Apr 2011

PAX East was full of characters. And Dave Gardner made sure he found all of them. In this installment of our video coverage of PAX East, he chats up a couple guys who dared wear Philadelphia Flyers hats in the middle of Boston. These guys have brass ones, huh? But it does prove one thing: [...]

Video: Gamebook Adventures for iPhone/iPad

In: videos by Edie Sellers

2 Apr 2011

Finally we’re getting a chance to pump this out to you. Remember when you were a kid and you spent hours reading Choose Your Own Adventure books? Those were great, huh? But what about now? Paper books? That’s so… so… retro. Fear not, the digital age has come to the CYOAs. At PAX East, our [...]

PAX East 2011: Goalie Meets XtendPlay

In: videos by Edie Sellers

23 Mar 2011

Are you sick of cramped hands from your controller? We may have found your solution at PAX East 2011. Dave “Holy Goalie” Gardner talks with Mark Sparling, co-creator of XtendPlay, a housing for both Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 controllers that makes your whole gaming experience more ergonomic and less stressful to your hands, wrists, [...]

Goalie and Nick Share the Kinect Hate

In: videos by Edie Sellers

16 Mar 2011

Do we need to remind you how much our own Dave Gardner and Nick Dinicola hate the Kinect? No, they don’t own one. They just resist the idea of it. Here’s the first of several upcoming PAX East 2011 video dispatches from GameHounds, and Nick and Dave make sure you know that “La Resistance” lives [...]

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