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GameHounds 271: The Big Drought

In: Uncategorized by Edie Sellers

16 Jul 2014

It’s a drought my friends. Of water. On the West Coast. For games, there’s no drought, but soon (oh, so soon) more games will rain down on us. Bask in the glory. In this week’s episode, Edie Sellers, Nick Dinicola, and Holy Goalie will guide you through the sea of games and video-game news of [...]

He’s dead. Maybe Holy Goalie didn’t feed him, but he’s dead. That and many other things happen in this episode of GameHounds—the last before we leave for PAX East 2013. GamerEdie Sellers, Holy Goalie, and Nick Dinicola discuss games and news, including: Reviews of Tomb Raider and SimCity (PC… sort of). Also dead: Xbox Family [...]

PAX 2011: Prototype 2 Preview

In: Articles by Nick "Alsop Live" Dinicola

25 Aug 2011

Alex Mercer just won’t die. At least that’s what I took away from an introductory video shown before a demo of Prototype 2 at a pre-PAX Activision event. In the video, the military group Blackwatch explains its with Mercer, basically that it thought him dead twice and wa proven wrong both times. So perhaps it’s [...]

Review: Call of Duty Black Ops Escalation Map Pack

In: Reviews by Dave "Holy Goalie" Gardner

15 Jun 2011

If you like zombies — and who doesn’t — then you need to check out the new zombie map for Call of Duty Black Ops. It is part of the Escalation Map Pack for the Xbox 360 featuring four new multiplayer maps, as well as the “Call of the Dead” map for the zombies. While [...]

Guitar Hero Laid to Rest

In: Articles by Anthony McGill

17 Feb 2011

Well, we told you so, Activision. Just as they have slowly beaten the Tony Hawk franchise to death, Activision has literally driven Guitar Hero into the ground. It was bound to happen eventually. I guess no one hired an economist to tell him how saturation affects the market.

Review: Black Ops: Multiplayer

In: Reviews by Miguel "DaddyGamer" Gonzaga

15 Dec 2010

Come on. Walk out. I know he’s coming, but he won’t see me. I’m a ghost. My M16’s suppressor is my guarantee behind this bush. Wait? Dang it! I hear dogs. Crap! I’m dead. If you’re playing Call of Duty: Black Ops, this scenario has become all too familiar. Surprisingly, game developer Treyarch found ways [...]

Review: Call of Duty: Black Ops

In: Reviews by Dave "Holy Goalie" Gardner

11 Dec 2010

Though it didn’t have the hype of Halo Reach, Call of Duty Black Ops did get quite a large amount of press, and the lines were so long on launch day, I had to leave and go back to get my copy. So does it live up to the hype ?

Free Black Ops Gear for Female Xbox Live Avatars

In: Articles by Nick "Alsop Live" Dinicola

15 Nov 2010

If you bought the Hardened or Prestige versions of Call of Duty: Black Ops for the 360, you’d find a voucher for some free Xbox Avatar outfits. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), Activision messed up and didn’t print a code for female Avatars on the voucher. To make up for the mistake the publisher created two universal [...]

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