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Giggle. Well, I woudn’t begin to guess what’s on this episode. I mean, I’ve been busy keeping up on the latest Jimmy Choo styles. But if I was to venture a guess, it would be about games. But since I’m a girl, there’s no way I could know anything about them. I do know that, [...]

We’re not going to lie. This could quite possibly be the funniest show we’ve ever done. See, Happy Endings is supposed to run a half hour. You know. Thirty minutes of post-podcast banter with some live input from listeners. You are coming to the show, right? You can get it on your iPhone, Android device, [...]

This episode is 100 percent nasal. If you have any issues with listening to people be sick and get progressively sicker over the course of an hour, this is not the show for you. GamerEdie and her amazing inflating nose is joined by Holy Goalie and Nick Dinicola to chat up games and gaming news [...]

Some things are so good, you just have to stop what you’re doing and take a moment to memorialize it. This is one of these moments. Scene: Dave finishes Bioshock Infinite, looks at wife, wife shrugs, Dave calls Edie. And we pick up from there, where Dave is, well, pretty pissed off by the game’s [...]

Happy Endings, Episode 3

In: GameHounds: Happy Endings by Edie Sellers

2 May 2013

We have no delusions on this episode of Happy Endings. Recorded shortly after the show recorded last Wednesday, we suffered through a magical disappearing Nick and Edie being congested to an almost painful degree. This episode discusses the art of lighting farts, what to do with shell casings in your handbag, and the comparison of [...]

GameHounds 218: Staying Calm and Carrying On

In: Podcasts by Edie Sellers

21 Apr 2013

It’s hard to do a show two days after a national tragedy, but we did it. The crew finds a way to keep calm, carry on, and make the best of a tough few days. Holy Goalie, who’s in the Boston area, is joined by Nick Dinicola and Edie Sellers while they get very raw [...]

GameHounds 217: Happy Beginnings

In: Podcasts by Edie Sellers

16 Apr 2013

First off, we want to apologize. Last week, when we wrote the title for Episode 216, it never occured to us that anyone might interprent the phrase “end of an era” to mean “end of a GameHounds era.” We were talking about Rock Band. Not us. Don’t worry, you’re stuck with us for a long, [...]

It’s not easy to say goodbye to a friend, but this month we did just that with Rock Band. But we also said hello to a few new friends we discovered at PAX East. It doesn’t make the pain go away, just a bit easier. This week, Edie Sellers, Nick Dinicola, and Dave Gardner wrap [...]

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