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Giggle. Well, I woudn’t begin to guess what’s on this episode. I mean, I’ve been busy keeping up on the latest Jimmy Choo styles. But if I was to venture a guess, it would be about games. But since I’m a girl, there’s no way I could know anything about them. I do know that, [...]

It’s not easy to say goodbye to a friend, but this month we did just that with Rock Band. But we also said hello to a few new friends we discovered at PAX East. It doesn’t make the pain go away, just a bit easier. This week, Edie Sellers, Nick Dinicola, and Dave Gardner wrap [...]

We’re starting up our post-PAX work, and that means we’ll be posting in the next couple days all of our podcasts we recorded in Boston last weekend. Edie Sellers interviews Bethesda’s Seth Shane, producer and designer on the upcoming Dishonored DLC, “Knife of Dunwald,” with details on the content, length, weapons, and story, arriving for [...]

Wow. There’s really no words for the amout of hate that has been leveled at Aliens: Colonial Marines. But what’s the good of a bandwagon if you can’t jump on it. This week, hosts GamerEdie Sellers, Nick Dinicola, and Holy Goalie don’t hold back with their bad review of a game they have not played. [...]

Wow. Who would have figured. It’s been five years since we started this podcast. There’s been a lot of changes since Episode 1 aired in iTunes. And some of you have been with us the whole time. Thanks to all of you old timers who have been there from the beginning. And thank you to [...]

Review: Call of Duty Black Ops Escalation Map Pack

In: Reviews by Dave "Holy Goalie" Gardner

15 Jun 2011

If you like zombies — and who doesn’t — then you need to check out the new zombie map for Call of Duty Black Ops. It is part of the Escalation Map Pack for the Xbox 360 featuring four new multiplayer maps, as well as the “Call of the Dead” map for the zombies. While [...]

Are Downloadable Games the Future of Gaming?

In: Articles by Leah "WhiteGodiva" Haydu

31 Mar 2011

I didn’t see Gears of War 3 at PAX. Nor did I see LA Noire, Mortal Kombat, or Portal 2. I stood in line for half an hour to see The Old Republic, but ultimately I abandoned ship on that one, so I didn’t see it, either. Could I have seen these games? Sure. They [...]

Aussie Board Leaks Dragon Age Ultimate Edition

In: Articles by Nick "Alsop Live" Dinicola

31 Aug 2010

Joystiq is reporting that that the Australia’s official game-rating board, the Office of Film and Literature Classification, has rated Dragon Age: Orgins – Ultimate Edition — even though such a game has yet to be announced by Electronic Arts. This isn’t the first we’ve heard of an ultimate edition of BioWare’s acclaimed fantasy epic. GameStop [...]

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