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Humpdate 08-20-08

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20 Aug 2008

Liepzig is here! Leipzig is here! And that means loads of news. This week Simon DI and Edie Sellers attempt to cover all the news that’s coming out of Germany. They fail, but at least they try. They do hit some key annoucements, mostly concerning Sony’s plans for the future and release dates for Fallout [...]

Humpdate 07-02-08

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2 Jul 2008

Humpdate time, kiddies! Simon DI and Edie Sellers once again tear up your Wednesday listening with another episode of the Humpdate. This is an unusually long episode of Humpdate, rivaling that of a regular GameHounds show. Weirdly enough, it’s full of gaming news — a real rarity at this time of the year. The pre-E3 [...]

It’s Sunday, and that means your weekly dose of GameHounds is ready for you. This episode you can enjoy listening to Edie lose her ever-lovin’ mind as she makes it through her first podcast without benefit of Nicotine. Listen as Hawkes defies death by taunting the rabid Edie. Does she sound different? Does she sound [...]

Humpdate 06-10-08

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10 Jun 2008

It’s Wednesday, and that means your Humpdate is ready to server. Pop it in the oven, set heat to 350 degrees, and bake for approximately 58 minutes. Usually this is the place where we list out our topics. But it’s late, and I’m high on Double Chocolate Malted Crunch ice cream and I haven’t changed [...]

It’s a day late, but it’s not a dollar short. Oh, no. This is GameHounds, and we aren’t afraid to talk about what we’ve played, what we think, and how much tail we got in college. Confused? Well, there’s only one solution to that. Check out this week’s episode, wherein we cover the regular topics [...]

Humpdate 06-04-08

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4 Jun 2008

It’s Wednesday and that means a brand, spanking new Humpdate is ready to tickle your ears and caress your brain. This week we used a new feature in our recording software that actually allows us to time our topics. What? You mean the Humpdate will actually be shorter than an hour, like we promised?! Yes! [...]

Another weekend, another fabulous episode of GameHounds. This time with 100 percent more Hawkes. First, let us apologize for the quality of the “Sing it Hawkes” segment. The ol’ Interwebs kinda got overloaded with the marvelous singing and started to get a little weird, and while we tried our best to “fix it in post,” [...]

Humpdate 05-28-08

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29 May 2008

Yes, we know you were expecting a regular GameHounds episode, but forces beyond our control made Hawkes MIA. So rather than make a Hawkesless GameHounds episode, we bring you this week’s Humpdate. Despite almost having lost the entire show into the putrid maw of the Internet’s famous file-eating monster, we have Xbox Live Arcade news, [...]

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