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The iPad 2: Is This the End of PSP and DS?

In: Articles by Miguel "DaddyGamer" Gonzaga

6 Mar 2011

I’ve been holding back in writing this article for almost a year now. As an old-school gamer, I’m clinging to the past and couldn’t let go of the tangible greatness of dedicated gaming devices such as the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS. But reading about the specs, software, and applications of tablets like the iPad2, [...]

Why I Want a PS Move and Why I Won’t Get One

In: Articles by Nick "Alsop Live" Dinicola

18 Feb 2011

I’ve played first-person shooters on the Wii, using the Wiimote and Nunchuck, and like you’d expect they weren’t very good. It’s difficult to translate the fidelity of dual analog sticks to a motion controller — any motion controller — but a video on Ars Technica made me reconsider the PlayStation Move and how it’s used [...]

A Good Game Can Stand On Its Own Merits

In: Articles by Nick "Alsop Live" Dinicola

23 Jan 2011

I now have a new perspective on games, thanks to Need For Speed. I hated Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit at first. I hated the handling — the fact that the cars had a sense of weight and felt slow to respond. It seemed like bad design. Why make it possible to crash into traffic, [...]

Meet the Hounds: McGilla

In: Website by Anthony McGill

4 Dec 2010

Hello, Gamehounds fans! My name is Anthony McGill, and I am the most fickle gamer you will ever meet. I often consider myself a die-hard PC gamer. Then, the next day, I fall out of love with PC games and plant myself on the couch with my Xbox 360. I’m 20 years old and located [...]

New Hounds on the Way

In: Website by Edie Sellers

4 Dec 2010

We have two new writers to introduce to you in the next few days. And we’re excited to do so. These guys showed us a lot of moxie, as well as a passion for games and ability and desire to write, write, write their hearts hout for you. We’re very happy to welcome Anthony McGill [...]

PAX 10: The Future of OnLive

In: Articles by Nick "Alsop Live" Dinicola

15 Sep 2010

During PAX, Chris and I stopped by the OnLive booth to check out the games and ended up having a surprisingly in-depth conversation with Bruce Grove, director of strategic relations for the service. We talked about pricing, ownership issues, and the ambitious future of OnLive.

“Zzzzz” is for Zombie

In: Articles by Dave "Holy Goalie" Gardner

3 Sep 2010

Let me be the first to say that I love zombies. They’re so much fun to kill in video games, and they are so much fun to watch in movies. But the other day I was cruising through my Netflix queue and I found that I had about six or seven B zombie movies. I [...]

Halo Over-Reached

In: Articles by Dave "Holy Goalie" Gardner

3 Sep 2010

When is too much, too much? When does too much become nauseating? And when does nauseating become a turnoff? That’s what Microsoft is doing with their marketing of Halo Reach. When they announced that this was the most expensive marketing they have ever done for a game, two words came to mind. “Ya, think?” I [...]

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