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GameHounds 217: Happy Beginnings

In: Podcasts by Edie Sellers

16 Apr 2013

First off, we want to apologize. Last week, when we wrote the title for Episode 216, it never occured to us that anyone might interprent the phrase “end of an era” to mean “end of a GameHounds era.” We were talking about Rock Band. Not us. Don’t worry, you’re stuck with us for a long, [...]

It’s not easy to say goodbye to a friend, but this month we did just that with Rock Band. But we also said hello to a few new friends we discovered at PAX East. It doesn’t make the pain go away, just a bit easier. This week, Edie Sellers, Nick Dinicola, and Dave Gardner wrap [...]

We’re starting up our post-PAX work, and that means we’ll be posting in the next couple days all of our podcasts we recorded in Boston last weekend. Most of them are interviews with developers of the games you’re looking for in the next year. Some are games that are already out that you’ve never heard [...]

Episode 212: The GameHounds Centipede

In: Podcasts|Reviews by Edie Sellers

28 Feb 2013

Yeah, it’s as disgusting as you think it is. We aim to please. This week’s show is very late due to Edie being out of town for a crucial days that are usually reserved for editing the show. Blame it on Atlanta, folks. But don’t worry. We’ll get you two shows in the next week, [...]

Wow. Who would have figured. It’s been five years since we started this podcast. There’s been a lot of changes since Episode 1 aired in iTunes. And some of you have been with us the whole time. Thanks to all of you old timers who have been there from the beginning. And thank you to [...]

Look, I won’t lie. There’s been a lot of confusion about this since the news first hit. So let us spell it out for you. It started with a employee blog for a Japanese game retailer noting that a new Playstation 3 is set for release. The new model — CECH-3000B — reportedly will start [...]

Whether you love or hate the newly unveiled Wii U and its multi-touch window into 360-degree gaming, no one can deny that it’s a game-changer. We mean that figuatively and literally. Figuratively, it’s changing how the industry is viewing gaming. Literally, it’s changing how games are being built. Want proof? Sony Computer Entertaiment Studios chief [...]

Think of the number three. It’s a nice number for a story to come in three parts. That’s why so many game series call themselves “trilogies.” Uncharted won’t be a game that’s limited by the trilogy paradigm, however, according to developer Naughty Dog. In an interview with UK’s The Guardian newspaper, Naughty Dog co-president Evan [...]

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