GameHounds began in February 2008 as an effort to present a high-quality podcast focusing on gaming news pertinent to adult gamers. GameHounds records each week and posts weekends, so you can get a weekly update of the best information we can provide — with a healthy dose of irreverent tangents thrown in for good measure.

GameHounds Podcast is hosted by Dave “Holy Goalie” Gardner, Edie “GamerEdie” Sellers, and Nick “Alsop Live” Dinicola. Former hosts have included Commander Tim (The Widget) and Cooper Hawkes (Morning Gaming News).

To reach us with comments, criticisms and suggestions – or just to give us a friendly nudge – you can contact the podcast via email.

San Francisco Bay Area-based Edie Sellers began podcasting in 2006. She’s a former fill-in broadcaster on ABC/Disney’s KGO AM810 radio in San Francisco. She spent 15 years as a major-metropolitan newspaper reporter and film critic for the San Francisco Independent, the San Francisco Examiner, and GetLocalNews.com. She is currently the San Francisco Video Games Examiner for Examiner.com. You can read her articles here. When she’s not talking, writing or editing, she’s employed by a major airline and flies around just for the fun of it and because she can. She’s married to Kevin “Engineer Kev” Sellers, who serves as chief GameHounds technical engineer. Edie and Kevin are proud “parents” of the original “GameHound,” Zoey, a 4-year-old rat terrier, whose face served as the first template for the GameHounds logo.

You can email Edie at Edie AT GameHounds.net.

Dave “Holy Goalie” Gardner was born and bred in the Boston area. His main functions are running hockey leagues, keeping the stats correct and drinking “scorpion bowls.” He does a weekly hockey show, The RatCast, and does play-by-play part-time for an elite inline-hockey league, which takes him up and down the East Coast during hockey season. After many years of playing in a heavy metal band as a guitar player, bass player, and lead singer, he became a reporter for a Minor League Hockey magazine in which he interviewed NHL players and even rode the Zamboni at the Boston Garden between periods in front of 15,000 fans. His video-game career started in 1977 when he got the Sear Tele-Games (Super Pong) for Christmas. He soon graduated to the Atari 2600 and the Intellivision in the early 80s, then went pro with the Sega Genesis in 1991. He’s been married since 1996 and though he doesn’t have any kids, he’s got a big, 70-pound husky who takes him for walks.

You can contact Holy Goalie at HolyGoalie AT Gamehounds.net


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About GameHounds

Bringing you the latest in news, GameHounds delivers an adult perspective on the video game business and culture.

This podcast is explicit and is intended for adults ages 18 and older.


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